Bunbury Street Railcam Operation 24/6

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Note we have heavy fog in the area of Bunbury Street which is affecting the railcam's ability to record sightings.  It's like pea soup down there!


No configuration changes will be made at the current time and we will assess in 1 hour.

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  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
6PM7 was missed @ 09:09 this morning with NR96-NR93
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Bunbury Webcam has not been posting on Flickr since 17:07 this evening, so here are the sightings for the last 3 hours :
G539-XR554 9102 PN Mildura 'Fruit Flyer' 17:30
Up Spotswood Light 17:31
N470 8625 V Line evening departure out of Melbourne for Albury 18:11
NR95 6AM8(8702) GSR Overland from Adelaide 18:21
NR-NR 6MA5(9701) PN Superfreighter to Adelaide 18:26
XPT(ST23) Countrylink evening arrival into Melbourne from Sydney 18:55
X49-X42-XR552 Up PN BG light engine 19:05
NR76-NR91-NR40 6WP2(9821) PN Steel from Port Kembla(to Perth on Sunday) 19:35
NR95 returning from Overland duties 19:48
T379 9782 Sadleirs Transfer to Dynon MFT, ex Sadleirs, Spotswood 20:00
XPT(ST22) Countrylink evening departure out of Melbourne for Sydney 20:04
6007-6024 6MP1(9753) Aurizon Superfreighter to Perth 20:10
NR117-NR96 6MB4(9609) PN Superfreighter to Brisbane 20:29
  lsrailfan Chief Commissioner

Location: Somewhere you're not
Just out of Interest, Do you have any Idea as to when the Camera will be online again?

Kind Regards
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Not at this stage. Probably sometime in the morning.
An update to the last Bunbury St sightings :

G524-XR551 Down PN BG light engine 22:02
XR553-H1-X41 9306 PN Tocumwal freight 22:06
NR20-NR115-NR75 6MP5(9711) PN Superfreighter to Perth, locos a-b-b 22:18

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