Just a cool thought

  MrToastyy Locomotive Driver

Location: Werribee
What if, they were to remake Harris trains, with obviously no Asbestos and the interior and exterior to fit today's public transport standards.. I think that would be pretty cool, will never happen though.

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  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
They would become the grey ghosts. Welcome to 1981.

The reason they were canned? After the modifications, they had the acceleration and braking ability of a Datsun 120Y towing a caravan.
  Braddo Deputy Commissioner

Location: Narre Warren
Here's a picture of one:

A sad photo of where they ended up:

  ElliotProvis Junior Train Controller

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Would they be re-creating those trains? Would they be building a new model based on them? Would they be refurbishing the V/line H-sets? WOuld they develop a model inspired by them?

Think about the cost of a project like this... The abilities of these vehicles back in their day and compare that to today and then explain exactly what you're suggesting so we can understand please.

Regards, Elliot
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front

Just no.

Can the membership here please think before posting such ridiculous ideas as 'let's remake an out-of-date train', 'what about train submarines', or any number of other suggestions.

There's an awful lot of people getting the shytes with these forums because of inane posts like this.

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