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So talking with Raichase (hope you don't mind me mentioning you) on another thread about Clyde station and its lack of accessibility wise for people in a wheelchair or walker, walking sticks, crutches, people with prams etc.

Now I do know that Clyde station does have stairlifts, which in my own opinion are dangerous, continuously prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, not to mention that a member of the station staff at Clyde actually have to be at the station at the time of your departure or arrival (and times mainly do vary) and it got me thinking, why hasn't Clyde been made fully wheelchair accessible??

Would it have to do with the numbers of commuters using the station??

Would it have to do with the close proximity of Granville station that is wheelchair accessible??

I just find it bizzare given that the only one line in the CityRail/SydneyTrains boundaries is not wheelchair accessible which really in this day and age, isn't the best thing to have given that the current NSW Liberal/National Party have said they are going to make places where accessibility is required or missing, to be filled in and changed to become accessible.

Does anyone either previously or currently in TfNSW/RailCorp/CityRail/SydneyTrains know why this could be?

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  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
  mboi84 Junior Train Controller

Location: Sydney
Junction box
Whats up JUnction Box??

I am just trying to ask if anyone knows why Clyde Station has not been made wheelchair accessible yet??
  T88 Junior Train Controller

Location: Banned
Got To agree with Junction box. I think you answered your own questions.

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