Signalling Improvements & Electrification

  steam4ian Chief Commissioner

The application of Microlok Interlocking has been mentioned recently in this forum.

I have a few questions;
  • Does the system inherently eliminate track circuits?
  • Are axle counters used even as train detectors over switches and crossings (eg Millswood loop)?
  • Will the whole Seaford line be changed to axle counters as part of electrification?
  • If track circuits are being retained between Goodwood and Noarlunga Centre what steps are being taken to allow for traction return currents (impedance bonds and the like)?
A response based on knowledge not supposition would be appreciated.


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  alcoworldseries Deputy Commissioner

Location: Auburn
Can't help with technical side but Microlock works via coded "signals" transmitted via the rail(s), the application associated with self restoring switches on the TAR there usually aren't any IJ's the code travels down the rail a specified distance. This link might help with "tin tacks";

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