Model Railway Exhibition 13th &14th July 2013 - Stawell Victoria - Grampian Model Railroaders

  stuie83 Train Controller

Location: Stawell
Model Railway Exhibition 13th &14th July 2013 - Stawell Victoria
I haven't got a copy of the layouts and shops yet, but there are a 2 new layouts
New layout
Faller car system, chair lift and trams

New traders
lyndon basic trains
VR Casts
Blue and Gold Models

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  Zomer Train Controller

Location: Latrobe Valley, Victoria
Ill be there with my new T Gauge Layout "Littleton".  My mum, Adele Zomer, will also be there with her artwork on display and for sale.  Im really looking forward to this exhibition.  Had an absolute ball last year!!!
  danpickard Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong
Will be up there with my new little layout, "Diggers Bend", an On30 mini that will have its first public show.  
It was at the Narrow Gauge Convention earlier this year, but that's not really that public.  Looking forward to another cold weekend in the big shed Smile
Dan Pickard
  stuie83 Train Controller

Location: Stawell
There has been a lot of work done on the building from last year new toilets and the front wall was replaced
Its only cold in the mornings and dont think it will be as cold as last year.

Layouts that will be at the show
The Ideal Railway - TT - Australian
Chuffington - N
My Little Welsh Railway - O
Goppingen & Durnau, Railway Stations - Z
Beaufort - HO
Anthony’s Room - Ho
Viedeburg Hump Yard - HO
Grampians Railway - Ho
Echo Mountain  - Ho Faller cars and Trolly Car
Drewsbury  - HO
Yaminon Estate Tramway - Gn15
Kestral Park West - O
Grizzly Flats   - On30
Diggers Bend - On30
Historic Trains – O
Kilmore East  - HO
Eddington - OO
New Ashbyrne - On30
Victorian Scale Miniatures - T
Cockroach Valley - Ho
The Hummocks  - HO
Circus comes to Town by train - On30
Mittelstadt - Ho

Trackside Publications
Australian Aviation & Railway Photography
Airport Models
MC Model Railways
Broad Gauge Models
Kerroby Models
End of the Line Hobbies
Aspect Hobbies
VR Casts  
Lyndons Basic Australian Trains
Blue and Gold Models
Road & Rail

3D Printing Demonstration
The Art Of The Diorama
Model Train Construction, Kit & Scratch building
“Art by Adele”  railway paintings
Matchbox Vehicles

TV Ad, just stock video of the layouts used for the ad
  danpickard Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong
Some good variety of themes, scales and traders in that list.  Looking forward to another good weekend of models and modelling.

Dan Pickard
  aussiebbq Assistant Commissioner

Location: Ballarat, Australia
When on Saturday, many great layout with a good mix of gauges. No where near as cold as last year and the building was looking great. Lots of shops too, only a shame my tax money hasn't come back yet.

  duttonbay Minister for Railways

Thanks for the video. I normally make the trip to Stawell for the weekend, but the wife's birthday is taking precedence this year.
  stuie83 Train Controller

Location: Stawell
Photos are now on the website
  Iain Chief Commissioner

Location: Concord, NSW
Jane and I visited on the way home from Melbourne to Sydney. It was a great exhibition but as mentioned a little cold but boy was it wet!! I enjoyed the layouts and traders. We spent a couple of hours there before heading off. Congratulations to the organisers and participants.
  stuie83 Train Controller

Location: Stawell
It was a very wet weekend and here is a 30min video with all the layouts

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