Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre (formerly Goulburn roundhose (sic))

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Hi all,

The original thread is locked (I don't know why!!) , so it is easiest to open a new thread.

I am only advising facts and will not enter into any discussion on the cause of the incident.

The GRHC was reopened today.  Normal opening times apply 10:00am to 3:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.  Come and see our unique loco depot.  The only one (I know of) that has half a turntable.

Aurizon released the site back to the GLRPS about mid-day yesterday Friday 05/07/13.  There is still about 100t of canola in the turntable pit and one wagon bogie is still buried under it.  It is planned to remove the canola on Monday.

Half of the turntable deck and control cabin are completely scrap (matchwood), along with about 200m of damaged track on the arrival road.

ARTC and other insurance assessors have visited the site and inspected the infrastructure damage.

Happy reopening,


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  Raichase Captain Rant!

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John, having visited the fine establishment at least twice, it is sad to hear about the damage. Everyone seems really dedicated and friendly, and it seems to be the last thing you want to do is to have more work to do! Best of luck, and thanks for the updates.
  a6et Minister for Railways


Thank you for the update & good news the museum is open again.

Let us all hope that the insurers & others get the assessments done quick & the repairs are carried out to full satisfaction.  My last visit to the roundhouse was in 1969, although I have driven past it, I get shivers when I drive past the old barracks that was open for B&B, outside of Lithgow they were to coldest barracks I ever slept in, & that is what makes me shiver, also that people would pay to stay in them.  

Hopefully will be trying to have a visit later in the year.
  c3526blue Deputy Commissioner

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Hello again,

The local newspaper (Goulburn Post) reported on the accident aftermath in an article published on 17 July 2013.  The article includes a picture of part of the damage to the turntable, mainly the decking.  It doesn't show the control cabin as this was completely demolished.  Only the back wall, door and electrical control box are reasonably intact, and possibly reusable.  The heap of material to the left of the turntable is the remains of 100t of canola (rape seed).

For those interested a link is included below.


Don't take all of the comments in that story as 100% true as the incident is still being investigated (as far as we know).

Happy revolving,

  Booly Junior Train Controller

Whilst visiting Goulburn rail heritage centre today i was pleased to see the turntable repaired and operational. The staff said it was completed about 2 weeks ago.

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