Corrugated iron – bullnose moulding

  parksider Locomotive Driver

Does anybody have a good tip about how to form bull-nosing on HO scale corrugated iron?

I can’t find it ready-made on sale anywhere and I have a feeling that simply bending plastic or cardboard or tinfoil sheets will result in kinking rather than curving.

Any suggestions will be welcome, and thank you in advance.

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  a6et Minister for Railways

modellers warehouse sells it although definitely not cheap.
  danpickard Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong
Um, I think the stuff from Modellers Warehouse is only in 1:12 scale, hence the price.

The thin aluminium sheets should shape easily if you roll them over something the radius you want (eg a round pencil, or small dowel).  I use O scale aluminium sheets and it wraps over very easily, for doing things like the bullnose iron, or water tanks, with no issues as far as kinking or squashing the shape.  Try even wrapping some masking tape around the item you use as the curve former, which will give you a straight edge to hold the piece of iron against.

Dan Pickard
  DullanPlain Station Master

I made a water tank using styrene, not sure what model number of styrene sheet but it was one of the Evergreen range.  Cut it to the desired "height", put it into boiling water for a little while (not sure how long, it was trial and error) and when it softened I put it inside a lid from a can of shaving gel to give it shape.  When it cooled, it was a nice circle.  I glued it together and then made a top and base for it.  When mounted on the layout, I put the seam towards the backscene so it wasn't visible.

I reckon the same could be achieved with styrene and a bit of appropriate diameter dowel to get the curve of the awning.

Dullan Plain
  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
I've managed an HO bullnose effect using Campbells corrugated iron wrapped around a suitable former. From memory it wasn't hard, just a bit of care needed. The sheet didn't deform.
  anzac1959 Chief Commissioner

What would the diameter of the former be for HO scale?
  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
What would the diameter of the former be for HO scale?

It was a few years ago so I can't be certain. But since there's very little springiness in the Campbells material I'd reckon on using a slightly smaller diameter former than what you want to end up with.
Just thinking about it now, would there be any advantage in using one of the corrugated cardboards? Possibly easier to bend accurately? But would it keep its new shape?

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