Station information needed - Blackwood, Wolseley, Spalding branch, Ambleside

  allan Chief Commissioner

I've been asked to post the following.

Revisions are being made to the SA Convention articles on Blackwood, Wolseley and the Riverton to Spalding Branch.

There is a need for any more information and images. Particularly looking for the various stations on the Spalding line, Spalding loco shed, goods shed at Blackwood and anything for Wolseley. Even fan trip stuff will do as they often show infrastructure in the background.

Also Ambleside... for a different project.

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  steam4ian Chief Commissioner


Nobody has replied and I don't have much to offer except some memories of Blackwood goods shed. As I recall it was much like the sheds built around 1910-1920 such as Edwardstown, Willunga, Truro, Auburn, Watervale, Melrose. The fundamental difference was that the roof was only an awning over the track and not all over as at those places I mentioned. If there ever was a stone shed ala Nairne, Mt Barker, Aldgate etc it would have disappeared when platforms 2 and 3 were built.

  witsend Chief Commissioner

Location: Front RH Seat of a School Bus
Going through my collection, this is all I have for Wolesley Station. I only have been there once, and unfortunatley it was at night. This is the only photo that turned out -  - From what I understand, the station has been demolished in the last year or 2.
  allan Chief Commissioner

OK, so there's little more coming to light.

Witsend, the link doesn't work for me...
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