Sydney Suburban Steam Trains

  jcgaydon Station Master

Location: Central Coast NSW
I think I may have posted this in the wrong place before. I am new to the site.

I photographed and rode on many steam suburban trains back in the 1960s while at school. I have recorded them in my website where I am writing up my adventures chasing steam trains around the globe, starting in Sydney where I grew up.

The latest is Sydney Terminal shots, and I have a post on the Richmond line.

John Gaydon
World Steam Nut

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  GrahamH Chief Commissioner

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Welcome to Railpage John.

This forum should be OK for this thread. The Archaeology forum may be the place if, as you may well have, a set of photos with info of the Abattoirs. The Photography forum is where interesting and/or attractive photos old and new are displayed.

Look round and see how RP works.
  blackbird_1803 Junior Train Controller

Location: Sydney
Welcome John.
Had a quick look. Some interesting shots there. Will sit down and read through the whole lot when I have some more time.
  M636C Minister for Railways


An eagle-eyed South Australian started a thread in the photography section and I've already looked right through to the end of your blog.

I see that Bruce Dawbin and I are blamed for leading you astray, towards the end of the entries.

It looks like you got more photos than I did in the period in question, hampered as I was by my engineering studies. I did get reasonable coverage of the last Southern Highlands and the last Singleton passenger, however.

We will have to catch up, although I am stupidly still working ten years after I first "retired".


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