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  3801NewcastleFlyer Station Staff

Hi there everyone.
I have for sale a DJH AD60 class loco.
This loco has been professionally built (soldered, not glued, not by me) and painted (not by me) to a terrific finish and runs really well on the test track (I don't have a layout yet).
It is with regret that I have to sell this wonderful loco, as it took me quite a long time to save to be able to buy one, but personal circumstances have forced me to part with it.
I would like to get $850 plus some postage for it, but I really am open to offers.

If you would like to talk about this loco, please just drop me a PM and I will get back to you asap.
Thanks all for reading.

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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
For sale:

A  Broadway Limited    Holiday C16 2-8-0  this is a On30 steam loco.

In the green holiday scheme (green tender, boiler with red cab)  had DC sound 9 no DCC, need to fit decoder.

As is, still in box.  Pickup from Melbourne, or  posted.

PM me, asking $150 , postage extra.

David Head

ps picture will be added when possible.
  SAR_enthusiast Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Hi everyone

I'm wanting to trade my Austrains Australian National CK class #5 boxed with dcc........

Looking for a

Austrains CK #2

Please PM if interested?
  Geekboy Train Controller

Location: Banned
  brett80 Station Staff

Hi all
I've got 4 HO locos for US layouts for sale on at the moment:

- 2 x Walthers Proto 1000 Pennsylvania Railroad Alco RS-2, DC, road numbers 4046 and 4048
RS-2 #4046
RS-2 4048

- 2 x Broadway Limited Imports Blueline EMD SD9 Pennsylvania Railroad, DC with sound/DCC ready, road numbers 7600 and 7611
SD9 #7611
SD9 #7600

I'm back dating my layout to the early 1950s to include more steam and these locos are from 1957/58 and thus too late for me. None have been run, still in boxes with all paperwork, packaging etc.

Feel free to bid, or make an offer by pm.
  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
I have a spare UTP panel (with associated RJ12 cable) to suit an NCE Pro Cab or Power Cab set-up.

These sell for about $20- or so, I think.

Just want it to go to a good home, so $10- plus postage....say $18- all up. If you live close by to Kadina, SA you can pick-up and save the $8- postage.

PM if interested.

  MacTrain Station Master

Looking to trade my Black Austrains NN Class Locomotive with running number 1311 with factory DCC and Sound for an Austrains 35 Class with DCC and Sound any colour/running number, looking at a straight swap.
  Tuckly69 Locomotive Driver

Location: uk
Powerline ,Victorian Railways H Class (T5) H3

Full DCC model,only test run,boxed, am getting rid of all my diesels and just keeping VR steam.I live in UK, cost is $200 plus $22 First class registered mail.
Thanks for looking

  lustychant Chief Commissioner

Trainbuilder brass PHN BNIB never run. $550. Will consider swap/cash for AN 700, ANR 930 and/or Auscision NGPF SRA L7 pack 1 and/or 2
  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)
I have the following for sale:

Austrains VR Ribbed ELX 3 Pack $150
Walthers Doodlebug (easily repainted to a DERM) $100
Powerline VR Ribbed ELX $25
Trainorama vline VCLX $30
postage not included in price

Photos available on request
  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
I have removed the QSI sound decoder board from the boiler of my Eureka AD60 class and am placing it up for sale if anybody is interested.

It consists of 2 separate boards and they will both be supplied. The smaller board has several pairs of wires which connect to the larger board with a series of plastic plugs.

I have removed it in readiness to fit a TCS "WOW" decoder when they become available. I was having issues with the decoder not seeming to be able to send power to each motor unit at the same rate/time, which resulted in one unit starting to roll before the other one.

A better modeller than me might be able to figure out why this was happening, but I wasn't willing to spend any more time mucking around with it.

If anybody would like to buy it off me, I am asking for $50- plus postage.

Please PM if interested.

  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)
Also for sale:

On30 2-4-4 Outside frame forney DCC with sound $200
On30 2-4-4 Inside frame forney DCC with sound $200
On30 2-4-4 Inside frame forney DCC with sound $190 one door missing
On30 2-8-0 DCC ready $150
  allambi_mk2 Locomotive Fireman

Location: South Yarra, Victoria
Hi all.

I'm selling 16 x Steam Era Models V/Line Grain wagons.

All are finished with Kadee 58 couplers, etched brass walkways and shunters steps (all are detailed with either VHC or Model Etch details kits), SEM Wagon Yellow and are dull coated. Each wagon has been weighted to approx 95 grams.

Will sell for $600.00 all up, or $40.00 per wagon.

Postage extra or pick up from Blackburn, VIC.

PM if interested. SOLD

  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

Hi all,

TrainOrama double ended 930 class basic shell
930 class shell primed that has had its staff exchangers covered and custom brass air hoses fitted. Will come with windows and some parts including Model Etch - 930 Dynami brake silencers. $80.00

2x Austrains 80 classes undecorated
Austrains 80 class primed and ready to be painted in any livery desired. Comes with detail parts such as new pilots from Ian Lindsay Models and brass detail; air hoses, air horns, side mirrors, radio antennas, etc. $185.00 each ONO
  VR_King Junior Train Controller

hi guys, i have 6 orient express SAR OB wagons in the Grey and Red scheme.
still with the air hoses and tarp supports in plastic bags.

3 with prefabricated metal doors
3 with pressed metal doors

all different numbers

more details from this website;

looking at $50 each. they are sold out from manufacturer, can do a deal on multiple wagons.
i cant find the boxes at this stage but will be well packaged for the buyer
please message me and i will send photos.

  jimbob Locomotive Fireman

Location: Albury

I have a Hanovale PHN Kit for sale, all parts, decals are included (except bogies ),

in great condition,

looking at $150 posted within australia, if not sold here in a few days it will go to ebay.

PM if interested.
  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
Eureka 6030 Factory DCC and Sound unweathered, fair used condition, i'm the 2nd owner and had performed fine the few times i have used it $800   SOLD

2x Hirail/Trainorama BRH’s $80

2x Hirail/Trainorama FRH fertiliser hoppers $70

3x Hirail/Trainorama BCH coal hoppers $100

3x Hirail/Trainorama BCH coal hoppers (loaded and weathered) $125

3x Hirail/Trainorama BWH wheat hoppers (weathered) $125

1x Autrains Basix 4whl tankers (in original packaging) mixed pack $100

4x Austrains K trucks $120

4x Austrains K Trucks (with Kadees fitted) $140

4x Austrains K Trucks (with Kadees fitted) $140

1x AR Kits BPV kit (unopened) $25

1x Berg’s MLV kit $25

Unless otherwise state, models are unweathered and unboxed and may have some corrosion on kadees and other metal parts.

In addition to the above i will now also include

3x AR Kits NPRY kits, $25 each   SOLD
2x AR Kits NPRF kits, $25 each   SOLD
1x AR Kits CCX kit, $20
1x AR Kits CX kit, $35  SOLD
1x AR Kits HCX kit, $35
1x AR Kits MBC kit, $35
1x Ian Lindsay Models EHO kit, $75  SOLD
1x ILM SHG guards van kit $40   SOLD
1x ILM LFX kit, $30   SOLD
2x Infront Models ABV kits, $40 each

All kits brand new and in original packaging.
  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

I have the following for sale;
Trainorama 44 class 4480 Indian red with silver pilots $150
Trainorama 44 class 4483 Indian Red with silver pilots $150
Trainorama 42 class 4201 in 125 years green livery $350
All models are new; never been removed from their boxes.
Please PM if interested.
  gomer Train Controller

Location: Melbourne

BRAND NEW Trainbuilder DRC V/Line #42 with SOUND. Professionally fitted out by Mike at DCCSound with authentic sounds.

Has only been ran once and did so superbly. Asking for $1295 ONO (including registered post, or can be picked-up).

  996 Station Master

SOLD.   FOR SALE, BRM First Series Flat Top T Class, #332.  Unused. $300, plus $20 registered post within Victoria.
PM or phone 0437 724 550 for any other information.
  hiddeous Junior Train Controller

Location: Brisneyland
Hi, I've got a pair of Wuiske Models QR loco's for sale that were built by myself (one powered and one dummy).


The first is 2375 and is powered with a Wuiske models mech, has a lokpilot decoder, and front head and marker lights.


The second is 2175 and is on a custom made dummy mech.


Both locos have been lightly weathered, have Kadee couplers, air hoses etc


They currently run on my layout, and easily negotiate 600mm radius curves, and can haul 10 VAK/VGK coal hoppers up a 3% grade.

I'm looking for $500 for the pair of them plus postage (or pick up in Brisbane).

PM me if interested.
  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
For Sale:

HO Gauge CMX Brass track cleaning car.

  hanovale Deputy Commissioner

SOLD       For Sale

Three sheets of extruded polystyrene, the perfect lightweight baseboard material, 2460x600x100mm each, never used, $45 each, all three for $120.
Pick up in Brisbane northwest suburbs only. Can assist with local delivery for a price.

  FirstStopCentral Chief Train Controller

Hi All,
I currently have two brand new unweathered Austrains 'Manildra Starches' WHX hoppers excess to requirements. These are now sold out with Austrains.

Looking to swap one for an Auscision NGGF Sugar Wagon, any number except NGGF 35719, in as new unweathered condition.
Looking to swap the other one for an Auscision NDFF Ballast Hopper in Orange livery with straight 'RailCorp' lettering, any number, also as new unweathered condition.

Please PM me if you have either of these wagons available to swap and would like a Manildra WHX (or both) to run on your layout.



Both wagons accounted for, thanks to the two Railpage members for their help.

  MrNathan Chief Commissioner

Location: In and out.
Hi all, I know this isn't necessarily modelling but I have a friend who is selling his Byways of Steam collection, 1-25 and Encore, all are immaculate, he DOES NOT want to split them. $1000, message me for more info.

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