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  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi all,
I recently won a couple of Trainorama NSWGR PHG brake vans on Ebay. The models are in excellent condition except that some of the marker light mouldings are broken or missing.
As such I have decided to replace them all, does anyone make this as an after market part?
Thanks in advance.

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  anzac1959 Chief Commissioner

Casula Hobbies sell brass ones (OZZY train parts) if they are the loco type , both rear mounted or left and right bracketed types. $4.25 for 4 and are a nice casting too.
  a6et Minister for Railways

Check Casula hobbies or Kerroby.  Perhaps AR kits as well, you can substitute loco marker lights for them.

Have you contacted Bobs hobbies to see if they have spares?

Unfortunately the markers as quite fragile more to the aspect of the thin wire or plastic plug that connects them to the vans body.

I have a couple the same, & when I eventually replace them it will be with SMD lights as they are close enough size wise for replacements.
  catchpoint Assistant Commissioner

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Try also AM Models detail parts which are sold by Casula as well.

Their marker lights while universal for NSWR were actually used as parts for their PHG kit long before the ToR PHG was but a twinkle.

Hope this helps



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