Derailment at Blackwood

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Just heard on the radio that a passenger train derailed at Blackwood last night.
Apparently it was lifted back onto the rails sometime early this morning.

Anyone heard any further details?

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THE Transport Department will investigate how a train derailed on the recently reopened Belair line on Tuesday night.
The train, which was not carrying passengers, derailed as it pulled into a siding near Blackwood about 6.30pm.
The city to Blackwood train has since been lifted from the tracks.
A Transport Department spokeswoman said that Wednesday morning train schedules would continue as normal.
The department spokeswoman said tonight it was too early to know why the train derailed but an investigation was under way.

A train derailed as it pulled into a siding near Blackwood about 6.30pm on Tuesday.
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The catchpoint...
  steam4ian Chief Commissioner

The marks look like it split the switches.
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It was railcar 3119, in the siding just north of Blackwood Station. Apparently it happened about 1800, and was a terminating service. The driver went in to the siding, changed ends and ignored the low speed signal and derailer and continued. Derailed on the derailer itself and was classified as a SPAD. Belair services were delayed up to 30 mins and using platform 2 in both directions and at low speed through the site.
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

Yikes! Half hour delays on trips only a half hour long can't have been fun.

Still, could be worse
(don't read all 27 pages, it will leech your intelligence)

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