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QR National becomes Aurizon

19 September 2012



AUSTRALIA: Shareholders in freight operator QR National Ltd will be asked to approve changing the name of the company to Aurizon Ltd at its annual general meeting in Brisbane on November 7. Combining ‘Australia’ and ‘horizon’, the new name ‘conveys the geographical scope of our expanding operations, as well as the extraordinary growth opportunities that are on the horizon for the company’, according to QR.

Announcing the new name on September 17, QR National Managing Director & CEO Lance Hockridge said that use of the ‘QR’ prefix had been ‘critical’ to the success of QR National’s separation from Queensland Rail and listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2010, but ‘significant confusion’ had persisted among stakeholders of the two organisations. ‘The similarities in our company names have made it difficult for financial market participants, different levels of government, the media and the general public to distinguish between the services offered by each company’, he said.

‘We believe changing the company name will help address this problem and signify a symbolic break from legacy issues of the past, while still retaining the history and knowledge that has served our company so well over the past 147 years’, he added. ‘While our Queensland operations will always be the company’s foundation asset, and intrinsically tied to our future success, this new name makes a clear statement about our growing Australia-wide footprint and growth aspirations’.

Under the proposal, the company’s logo and corporate colours would remain unchanged ‘to preserve brand equity’, while its stock market listing code would change to AZJ with effect from December 1.

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GE Transportation's Optimization Solutions division has signed a deal to implement an integrated rail network planning and optimisation system for Australia's freight rail operator Aurizon.
Under the deal, GE will be responsible for supplying its Movement Planner system, which will be integrated with SolveIT Software's planning and scheduling applications, to Aurizon's Australian network to optimise its rail freight traffic.
GE's Movement Planner system is intended to improve railroad operations and overall usage of infrastructure and resources.
The system integrates real-time planning with traffic management and visibility to the complete network to offer an optimised plan to move trains faster.
SolveIT Software's advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain network optimisation systems will help provide optimised long,medium and short-term schedules.
According to GE, the systems will also offer day-of-operations output in an integrated enterprise decision support application.
The deal will see GE's Movement Planner system execute SolveIT's schedule to ensure that any deviations or disruptions are handled effectively, bringing the train schedule back to normal.
"GE's Movement Planner system is intended to improve railroad operations and overall usage of infrastructure and resources."
As well as GE and SolveIT, business improvement consultancy Aitch has also been contracted to provide process innovation and user adoption.
GE Transportation's general manager of Optimization Solutions, Peter Thomas, said that together with SolveIT and Aitch's tools and expertise, the company expects to offer a complete planning solution to help Aurizon meet its future market demand.
"The Movement Planner system is a powerful tool that gives Aurizon the ability to maximise their rail network capacity and supports complex routing decisions in the day of operations that focus on returning to plan," Thomas said.
The objectives of the project include embedding Aurizon's business rules into the software's programming, as well as providing real-time train optimisation via interactive graphs and automated dispatching with conflict detection and resolution.
The selected systems will offer instant visibility of plan versus actual performance through up-to-date dashboards, real-time performance feedback with immediate ability for correction, predictive modelling and supply & demand optimisation.

Image: Aurizon operates freight services in five Australian states transporting coal, iron ore, other minerals, agricultural products and general freight. Photo: Aurizon Holdings Limited
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There have been quite a number of external engineering people hanging around lately so I'm expecting that there are going to be some flow-on's pushed down at the crews as this gets up and running. So far no news.

More 'crying poor-mouth' talk no doubt.

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