Triple pn freight today

  westernline Train Controller

Location: San Onofre California
we saw on the sunshine coast line  today a southbound freight with a pn  loco hauling 8306 ?-8314 ?and train at lunchtime  

2  x 83 class in brisbane  now

maybe for more bmacc haulage back north ?

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  Expost Chief Commissioner

PN have been running a few strange ones, a couple of weeks ago, they had one consist running around in the Blackwater system, that was 4 8300s up front of a rake of wagons.

Dunno how the drawgear stands up.
  petey3801 Chief Commissioner

Location: On the rails
There are a couple BMACC locos at the Port, which will be moved in the next few days, so that's probably why the extra 83 was on the train.

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