Cave Hill Station -Lilydale Quarry Development

  Carnot Minister for Railways

With the Lilydale Quarry site soon to be turned into a massive housing development (the quarry itself won't be built on for obvious reasons!), now is the time for the Cave Hill Station to be built near the corner of Hull and Mooroolbark roads IMO:

It's been talked about for decades....

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  Lad_Porter Chief Commissioner

Location: Yarra Glen
Talked about for decades but nothing ever happened, which could mean it's a nice idea but cannot be justified for what it would cost.  Lilydale is a busy line, and the off peak service will go from 30 minutes to 20 minutes at some stage, using the single track to Mooroolbark, so the last thing you want is trains stopping in the middle of that single track section - you want them to clear the section as quickly as possible, ready for the next service in the other direction.  Building a new station with two tracks (an island platform, perhaps) could be helpful, but it would make more sense to wait and put a new station there (if otherwise justified) as part of the duplication work - if or when that happens.
  ALMOST610 Station Master

It should also be noted the Re-Development for the area is expected to take several decades to be completed, and considering that they are only at a planning stage and the quarry has yet to close who knows what the rail line will be like when they actually get around to doing anything with the area.
  trainbrain Chief Commissioner

HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM pie in the Sky stuff, there are more limestone deposits on the Northern side of the railway, Closure? It may be a wee bit Premature..........
  Bullucked Assistant Commissioner

The plan for a station at the 'railbridge' has been talked about forever, it'd even grown its own name, Electiondale.
  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere
It took how many years for Lynbrook to get its station?  The suburb was to all intents and purposes completed, people had made their transport arrangements and settled into established travel patterns long before the long-promised station was built.

Similarly with Point Cook / Williams Landing.  And South Morang though that did require reinstatement of the line as well.

It is typical of the long-term head-in-sand attitude of our politicians that these things are "planned" (i.e. someone's pet pipe dream) but don't eventuate until long after anyone who might make use of them has made (read "been forced to make") other arrangements to get about.

The line to Lilydale could be doubled.  No doubt it will happen one day.  The question is "Which day?"  It would have to be doubled to accommodate any more trains than it now does and / or to cope with an extra 2 minutes each way in the schedule for an additional stop.  No matter how strong the case is for building the new station.
  LamontCranston Chief Commissioner

Just add some buses through the area to Mooroolbark station its not far.
And there already is developments on the other side of the mine at the base of it, the slope dominates the sky and you hear the equipment all day long and the sky is full of dust lofting up and away from it.

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