Trains on the Geelong-Ballarat line 1930's

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My father, who is now in his 90's, grew up on the family farm at Lethbridge in the years 1935 to 1942. This was a large farm just south of the station and the rail line ran through the middle of their sheep property and close to the house. My father is trying to recall what locos he saw running but believes there were not many trains running on the line, which I do not believe was the case. He has fond memories of travelling to and from school (Geelong) behind the A2's - and can recall the C's hauling the goods. I am interested to know how much traffic this line would have seen, I thought pre-war the VR was quite busy and most lines carried substantial traffic, especially in the wheat season (I have a feeling wheat was transported to and loaded at the port at Geelong?). Maybe some historians/older enthusiasts reading this can give a clearer picture of what traffic would have been running over this line during these years?

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The passenger train service was not frequent and one service ran as a mixed in that era. Goods traffic was lower than in early post war as was wheat production.
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My late Dad, who was of a comparable vintage to yours, mentioned a 'Geelong Flyer' which was advertised as doing 'forty five miles in fifty five minutes'.
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The Geelong Flyer was Spencer Street to Geelong and didn't go towards Ballarat. For umpteen years it was A2 hauled, and it flew alright.

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