I've been asked Questions about the HobbyCo Club, and some questions about it (well known ?, popular ?)

  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

I've been asked about the HobbyCo Club.

First, a yes or no question: Does anyone know about the HobbyCo Club (Is it well known)?
(The person already found out about this club by accident)

Has anyone here joined?

If it is meant to good, how come it's hardly discussed, and how popular is it? Before this thread, their seems to no other threads on it.

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  trawny Train Controller

Location: Victoria
I know about it. Thought about joining it but never went through with it. It sounds good.
  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney

It costs something, I forget how much. It lasts for a year before needing to be renewed. It gives a discount, I forget what rate, on almost all purchases.

A couple of years ago I needed to buy just over $100's worth. It was worth joining in order to get the discount on just that one purchase. I haven't needed to buy much there since so I let my card lapse.

It would definitely suit the serious buyer of things that only Hobbyco sells. Once you have the card you can also get the occasional toy or gift that you would otherwise have bought at Kmart without paying the Hobbyco premium. So if you work in town Hobbyco could easily become your one-stop money sink.
  nath_hines Beginner

Hi All,

Here is the link that details all the information about the HobbyCo Club: https://hobbyco.com.au/hobby/membership-products

It's a really good deal, it's only $22.00 to join for an annual membership and you get a 10% discount off purchases. Including specials as well!

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