Erik Sujecki

  xdford Chief Train Controller

Hello All,

Just to pass on that Eric Sujecki, late of the Victorian Hobby Centre, lost his battle with cancer (evidently) yesterday. A thorough gentleman and it was an honor to have known him.

Rest in Peace.


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  Robh Station Master

Eric will be missed. A great bloke who always had time for a customer and always a willing to give advice.
  Flatop Deputy Commissioner

Location: Some where in a Cab
Will be sadly missed throughout the hobby.
  davesvline Chief Commissioner

Location: 1983-1998
Absolutely concur with the previous posts.

I remember him fondly from his days at VHC. Always a smile and a "G'day mate" when you passed through the door. He scatch built every V/Line livery loco for me in the late 90's (except the C) containing an Athern mech. Obviously not to the same quality as the RTR we have today, but damn - did he do a magnificent job with the details. Very Happy.  
Grain hoppers and open wagons, a bloody good kitbasher he was with these too, reflected in the plentiful quantities i got him to build for me.
Tips and advice - he had it all. The kitbash range he founded was based on a good feel for what the hobby was screaming out for, and the stuff he stocked definately showed he had his finger on the pulse.

The hobby is definately lesser now, by the passing of this man.

Indeed may he rest in peace.


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