I need some help on where best in Australia to sell my models please

  sunnymead Beginner

       I need some assistance please. I have a rather large collection of Hornby, Bachmann, Liliput, Riverossi, 00 & HO Gage, and Graham Farish & Dapol N Gague Locos & Rolling Stock I would like to sell. In excess of 150 models, all in their original boxes and never used & dating from the Late 80's through 2012. Where do I go to get the best prices please? Should I use an Australian Auction House?

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  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
The FOR SALE section on this forum site is free of charge, so it might be an idea to start here. Of course I think I'd be right in saying that most of the people who are members here probably model various Australian prototypes, but there are definitely at least some modellers of European prototype, so it'd be worth a try.

The other popular avenue is ebay....but be prepared for the not-insignificant fee structure!!! (the words: "bloody rip-off" spring to mind, especially with the additional cost of Paypal's commission).

Another avenue might be a hobby shop....some used to take models on consignment, but in my experience they are only interested in the high end of the market (up around $1,000- per model....eg: brass locos), and probably not interested in European models at all.

Finally, you may be able to sell the lot in one hit to one of those dealers you often see at the various exhibitions. Once again, they won't be rushing to offer you oodles of the folding stuff.....which is fair enough in my book, as they may have to sit on it for many months or years, so they are taking a calculated risk that they will eventually sell your models for more than they paid you.

Good luck,

  Lloyd1952 Locomotive Fireman

Location: Sydney, Australia
If you are going to list things on Ebay or elsewhere, please spell things correctly, eg Rivarossi and 'gauge' and be accurate in your descriptions. The fact that they are boxed will help but don't expect too much unless you have some very rare items. Have a look on Ebay and see what similar items are getting. Ebay fees are a pain but at least it is an open market and if you start low, everything should sell. Your challenge is to photograph and list them and then pack and post each item when the money has cleared. Selling a set of carriages makes it easier for you, especially if you have 150 items to sell.

Many model railway exhibitions have a second hand option but you would need to contact the organizers beforehand and Epping, for example is not until next June. Your local hobby shop may take them on consignment but they are in business and will want 25%. As Roachie said, Railpage has a For Sale section but you would need to know a realistic asking price. The Australian Model Railway Magazine also takes classifieds.


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