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Hi all,

I wanted to ask questions about rolling stock around the network, but didn't want to make a few different, smaller threads. This might be a good place to ask questions and pool some knowledge. If there is a better place, or an existing thread, could the mods please merge this with those?

First question - at Gemco this afternoon there seemed to be a new build tank wagon in an aqua blue colour to the south of the main shed, does anyone know who this wagon is for, or what freight it has been built for? All I could think of was the fuel traffic for the Goldfields or the water traffic for the Nullabor.

Feel free to add any questions or information regarding WA rolling stock here.



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Location: Shire of Mundaring
These wagons are being overhauled by Gemco for Caltex, will be used for fuel loaded at a new siding at Kwinana.
  Bulbous Deputy Commissioner

I was watching the ballast train working the NG through Northam yesterday (stopped at the crossing at Yilgarn Ave whilst it passed over) and noticed that the XW wagons on the east end still had drop-head chopper couplers on them. I didn't notice the couplers on the other end of the rake, but wondered if there were other wagons out there with chopper couplers still? The coupler on the end of the rake had a knuckle head attached to the chopper face, but I am assuming that the wagons come from the SG originally due to the higher position of the draft gear boxes which require the coupler head to drop down to the NG height?
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Location: Western Australia
I think the rail fleet has chopper couplings still, and vacuum brakes? Would have to be about it. Maybe some other sundry MOW wagons.

The EX standard gauge ballast wagons normally have an out of gauge warning. They also look wider, have wider bogies, with silly looking axles.

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