Drummond's Gate on Toowoomba - Dalby (Western) Line in Queensland

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Does anyone know the location of "Drummond's Gate" which was about "6 mile from Toowoomba" on the Toowoomba - Dalby (Western) Line.

I am doing some family history research into my great-grandfater who worked for Qld Railways from 1880 to 1906.

His last 'posting' was at Drummond's Gate. He and his family lived there for several years until 1906 in a house provided by the Qld Railways. They bought about 40 acres of land adjacent.

I have no other clues to offer unfortunately and have found only one other reference to "Drummond's Gate" but that was nothing more than the address on an electoral roll.  

I can only assume it was a manned road/rail crossing with manual boom gates.

Hope to hear from someone.  



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  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland
Not somehow connected to Gowrie Junction, is it?  That's about 7miles west of Toowoomba.
  br30453 Chief Train Controller

At [color=#0000ff][size=3][font=Times New Roman]https://www.library.uq.edu.au/fryer/hume/web/202.html[/font][/size][/color]

There is a photo of railway gate and gatehouse at Cranley about 4.5 km from Toowomba

Looking at old plans there were gatehouses and crossing at about 6 and 8km from Toowoomba.

Possibly one was is the site for Drummond's gate.

If he bought land there then a record of ownership should exist in a government land ownership register.

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