Siemens Train With X'Trapolis Horn

  shaun001 Station Master

Saw a Frankston bound Siemens train along Nepean Highway tonight with a very interesting new feature...

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  sparkdriver Assistant Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
I drove that train on Friday and it's just a faulty whistle as the high note whistle is still a normal Siemens high whistle. I doubt they are combining Xtrap and Siemens whistles together.
  vlinecars V/Man - "Yeah!"

Location: Here, there, everywhere!
A mate of mine who works at Metro maintaining the Siemens fleet has the following to add:
The supplier for the “low” tone trumpet for the horn on the Siemens train no longer make them, so they are indeed changing them for the same ones used on the X-trap fleet. Whenever a “low” tone trumpet becomes unserviceable it will be changed over.
Mr Metro
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
A horn is not a whistle. 153M has a horn, whereas K153 has a whistle.
  richardlu_yy Chief Train Controller

Location: Singapore
A horn is not a whistle. 153M has a horn, whereas K153 has a whistle.
You will find that the technical term for the "horn" is indeed a whistle.
  shaun001 Station Master
  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
Yes, it's a bit of a necro but it explains why I've recently been hearing X'Trapolis horns sounding at Huntingdale station, all the way in East Oakleigh. For a moment there I thinking that if they've finally certified the X'Trapolis for use on the Dandenong line, I must've missed the announcement.
  shaun001 Station Master

There's quite a few getting around now.

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