SAR O/OB wagon tarps?

  SAR523 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Chicago, IL
I am looking at options for tarps for my growing collection of Ox wagons.

I have a few BGB ones tented (from memory) basically in foil which look fine but don't have SAR stamps.

I also have a few of the David Zeitz kits which came with pre-stamped tarps but use a textured material which is a little out of scale.

l've also added some Orient Express ones and hope that the Eurekas will show up at some point (although I'll be leaving them open thanks to their interior detail).

So just looking for opinions; what are people's experience with the OE tarps (I live in the US so haven't been able to see them) or do you "roll your own", and if so, do you decal/stamp them?

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  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: University of Adelaide SA
Locally some of the best tarps I have seen have come from tea bags painted and decalled (presumably) from the BGB range... Good luck with getting those. I run all of my tarpable wagons open because I cannot find a tarp that I like the look of, over our summer I am going to give the tea bag tarp another go and see what results I can get.

The OER tarps are probably some of the best RTR tarps I have ever seen, still not perfect to my eye, but I have yet to be able to do better myself, and I have only seen a couple of better examples made by others. - I don't have any of them, but that is mostly because the bulk of my tarped wagons at this stage at least are VR not SAR... Hopefully someone around here can post a fairly macro photo of one of their OER tarps to give an idea of the look, failing that, should you order some I doubt you'd be disappointed when you get them.
  denis500 Junior Train Controller

The OE tarps are quite coarse. Similar to the David Zeitz version. They may be a bit coarser but I am going by memory - I am at work.

The OE's are pre-formed but they do stick out and the material is quite thick. They do have SAR symbols but no numbers. The SAR symbols seem a bit large at least compered to the BGB pre-printed tarps.

Tea bags look very good but you need to colour them and add decals.

  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
I once tried the teabag method & it was a disaster, but I know others get good results. What's involved?
My own current preference is for crumpled good quality paper.
  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
Hi, I have a few of the OER OB tarps.

I'm not sure what they are made of, but they have a "cloth" texture, SAR symbols and numbers. The material is a bit thick. The weave of the "cloth" is over-scale. These aspects considered, if using the proverbial "one metre rule" they look the part. I think that they are okay.

I have also used the foil that BGB used to supply to make tarps. I have been reasonably happy with them.

I haven't tried tea bags yet.

Good luck!

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