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Hi All!
As some here may, or may not have heard... The developers of Trainz (N3V Games) have announced Trainz: A New Era. This involves a new game engine, 'E2', which is being developed specifically for this new Trainz (T2); and hopefully some rather exciting new features to go along with it.

However, for it to be truly exciting (not just a new game engine), it needs support from the community. As such, a kickstarter campaign is currently being run to fund the extra features of T2.

You can find the kickstarter campaign here:

If you would like to see some more info, or join the discussions, I would highly recommend heading over to the official TANE/T2 forum section on the Trainz forums:

As a content creator, I'm seriously excited to see what this brings, and what I can do with my content! Smile


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