Large Scale Models.... The MANLY version!

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Location: Marsden Qld
For your information Qld has had a logical coding system for over a hundred years with a couple of blips when management went a bit off the rails
Most of tle codings can explain what the wagon is even if you have never seen it
C 8 wheel box
M meat although ended up being used for everything
I  iced cooled and insulated
S steel version if CMI
T transition couplings fitted

With withdrawal of 6 wheeled wagons some of the codes were reused
B 6 wheeled box now 8 wheel long container flat
G 6 wheeled open now 8 wheeled gondola

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  1213Driver Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth Western Australia

Aaron wrote:Cereal, Bulk Handling, Narrow.

Piston wrote:

Thanks for the explanation. I suppose it was expecting too much for the "narrow gauge" fraternity to follow a logical coding system.

Well you almost got it right Aaron :

CBH Group
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The CBH Group (commonly known as CBH, an acronym for Co-operative Bulk Handling), is a grain growers' cooperative that handles, markets and processes grain from the wheatbelt of Western Australia.

"CBHN" or "CBHS" -  Given they are a Private operator surely it only makes sense to classify your own private wagons with your own acronym if you can and Yes "N" for Narrow Gauge and Funnily enough "S" for Standard Gauge.
Cant be much simpler and logical than that now surely?

Very nice job on those wagons Adam - keep up the good work.

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