How to model Australian containers?

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I hoping to hear from people who have modelled Australian-specific freight containers in HO scale, such as TOLL, LINFOX and FCL, inparticular the larger 48 and 53(?) foot versions. Are decals available? What options are there for modelling the larger containers? Intermountain produce some items which look as if they could be modified into acceptable models.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure many others have trodden this path before.


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Broad Gauge Bodies and Chickadee did offer a massive range of Boxes in 48 and 53 footers as well as your standard 20's and 40's, with decals to suit, but both have seem to fallen off the radar again! Occasionally things turn up on Ebay from time to time.
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Larger containers are on the Auscision to-do list. Where mentioned way back in their August 2008 glossy catalogue along with flatpacks. Squint and you'll see them here.

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Thanks to you both. It seems that, as always, timing is everything in this hobby when seeking Australian-themed products. Perhaps we will have to wait until one of the main RTR manufacturers produces a suitable wagon before we see 48 footers?

Do I recall a rumour about SDS entertaining the idea of offering the larger containers? I can’t remember where I read something like that recently.

I suppose that a bit of careful kit bashing of the Auscision containers could result in a finished product that is a reasonable representation of some of the 48 ft styles, but at a cost of $30 each.
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You could convert the Athearn 53ft and 48ft containers, I have some decals lying around from ex BGB container kits that I have thought about doing.
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Some of the larger containers are now coming into Australia as well so Athearn or whatever similar types can be used as is almost. Others you can do as suggested and do some conversion work and repainting on. I am sure you would find some photos on the internet that could be downloaded and used to print your own decals these days. There are several kits around these days for making your own decals using a computer printer.

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