Getting layouts to attend model train shows

  artydale Station Master

Location: Salisbury North South Australia
It is unbelievable that there are many layouts in Australia and I cannot get any to come to Adelaide
for the June exhibition. All I need is 2 or 3 to come! I am willing to pay for these layouts to come, but yet, I still cannot get them.
Doesn't anyone or any club exhibit anymore?
One frustrated model train show convenor.

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  qredge Deputy Commissioner

Location: Marsden Qld
Have you thought that it might be because the owner works and thus cannot travel the distance in the weekend
Even when in the same town getting time off to set up is problematic for some people
As well as the cost do add up considerably and even though some places do offer some payment you are still often way out of recouping your costs as well as lost wages unless you take holidays if you are a wage or salary earner

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