Former VR Oil Tanks taken over by SAR

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As part of on going research into Victorian Railways Oil Tanks published by Norm Bray in a brief history of Tank Wagons of Victoria (Volume 6), were are seeking information on two four wheel Oil Tanks that were transferred from Victoria to South Australia.

Both Oil Tank (OT) 71 & 72 were constructed for the Commonwealth Oil Refinery Co and entered service on 23.12.1926. Both tanks were of 4,550 Gallons Capacity when issued to service.

OT 71 was transferred to SAR 01.06.1951 and became TC 71, being re-numbered TC 8486 in 08.1954

OT 72 was temporarily transferred to SAR on 03.06.1949 (RS49/5920) and had become TC 72 by 1951. By 1952, TC 72 was in traffic between Adelaide, Kadina, Gladstone and Wolseley. TC 72 was re-numbered TC 8487 in 08.1954 and spent a fortnight at Newport Workshops in mid 1958.

Both TC 8486 & 8487 were last reported as being stored at 28.09.1972, the tanks having been removed.

If any of the South Australian Rail Historians are able to enlighten us further on the fate of these two tank wagons, it would be gratefully appreciated in order to update and correct our records.

I may be contacted off line if so desired.

Daryl M Gregory

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There is a four wheeled tank wagon at the NRM at Port Adelaide here is a link to the page on their website about it.

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