Victoria is not he only state concernded about level crossings

  woodford Chief Commissioner

Just stumbled across this web site....................

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  JimYarin Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
there are a huge number of level crossings in the usa.  especially in the mid west.
  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
It's a very big thing over there.
  73LJWhiteSL Deputy Commissioner

Location: South East Melbourne Surburbs
I am sure I have seen models of old Locomotives with Operation Lifesaver on them, so I would suggest it has been going for many years.

EDIT. From their about page: Mission and History
We started in 1972 when the average number of collisions at U.S. highway-rail grade crossings had risen above 12,000 incidents annually.

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