Graham4405 The Ghost of George Stephenson

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I would have thought the very top post in the "Railpage Australia" forum, titled "Suggestions", and with more than 200 posts, would be a much more logical place to, umm, make a suggestion...
I have no argument with your logic, I merely pointed out that the discussion was not off topic as you suggested.

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  jayrail Assistant Commissioner

Location: te Anau Southern Alps NZ
Lost password query:confirming that does work ; thanks to Michael Greenhill contacting.
cheers from jayrail
  pandem Locomotive Driver

Location: Perth
A few days ago I asked a question on the Ads that appear on Railpage and what is the best thing financially for a user to do.

From the answer that I received it would seem that the best thing a user can do is to not run an Ad blocking software on this site and click on any Ad occasional and see what is there.
By clicking on the Ad Railpage gets some payment. I don’t know what the payment is, all I know is for revenue purposes Railpage gets paid of each click on the Ad and  that is a good thing.

The original question was written as a Dorothy Dix question but judging from the answer and the lack of enthusiasm in it, I can only guess that it was a missed the opportunity to let everyone know that you should click on the Ads.

One last thing never digress from the forum subject because you could be the first.

Oops there I go again digressing
  tobeymarshall Beginner

Location: Banned
thanks for welcome
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
thanks for welcome

Welcome aboard

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