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  Nic Doncaster Moderator

Hi everyone,

Am trying to track down some further information in relation to two ex WAGR Section Cars, that I believe to be Wickhams.

click here to see pics and more

I took these pictures last week when over, so would be keen to here from anyone who may know a little more about either these two cars, or any ones similar to it. I understand that one or both spent some time at Dwellingup.

They have all the right things about them to be Wickham, however the builders plates appear to be long gone, and in WAGR fashion, these things have been butchered to hell. The Wickham Register notes two cars (of this model) went to WA, but because of gaps in the record there could be more.

Thanks in advance


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  wn514 Chief Commissioner

Location: at a skyhooks concert living in the 70's
there is a wickham car out at the golden mile loopline at boulder. here is a pic of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wn514/7127463655/
  Wool Stores Locomotive Fireman

Location: Perth
Here's an interesting video showing Wickham Cars in use on the Boulder Loopline in Kalgoorlie during the 80s:


Here's a few pictures of one stabled at Perth Station beside the Horseshoe Bridge:

A Wickham Car in use near Midland Box B in 1966:

Early use of Wickham Cars on the Boulder Loopline in 1979:

Boulder Loopline 1982:

Boulder Loopline 1984:
  WAGR Chief Commissioner

One of the Wickham cars featured in the film clip was at one time located at the HVR Pinjarra Depot having being purchased by HVR Member Raymond Foster. It was powered by a side valveV8 with what was called a crab distributor that is 4 leads coming out from each side so it looked like a crab. It was located under the water pump in a shocking place to maintain and was subject to water leakage from the water pump  which made it hard to start and run rough. Its stay at Pinjarra was short lived when the salvage officer was advised that it was promised to the Boulder Loop line and Ray being the fair guy that he was for go the owner ship got his money back all in the name of preservation . However we did have some rip snorter trips in the HVR yard
  Nic Doncaster Moderator

One of the Wickham cars featured in the film clip was at one time located at the HVR Pinjarra Depot having being purchased by HVR Member Raymond Foster.
One of the two cars featured on the linked page was also owned, either outright or in shares, by Ray "Grumpy" Foster. He was one of the nicest blokes I have known.

There were three type 40's on 42" in WA, two owned by the WAGR and one by MRWA, I understand that it came over in the takeover by WAGR.

One other type 40 was bought over by Mount Newman Mines in the late sixties.

  Toad Montgomery Chief Commissioner

Location: Port Hedland: Team EMU want's YOU!
I've seen drawings for the MNM type 40 MK2 and a type 10L/W?
  Nic Doncaster Moderator

Thanks everyone for the photos and the links - nice to see so many photos of these cars.

I have another car - this time a Fairmont I found in Midland on a recent trip.

Pic at bottom here

As the text says, this Fairmont appears to have an association with the Standardisation Project.  If anyone knows of photos, or more of the story, I'd be keen to hear from you



  steamboy65 Train Controller

Location: Pemberton, Western Australia
there is a couple of section cars /track runners down at the pemberton tramway in poor condition

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