Dry Creek/Mawson Lakes 17-12-13

  Guard Class 2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Elizabeth,South Australia
At approx. 1545 I went through Mawson Lakes Station.
There was a freight train on the main line facing North, with the tail end of the train level with the station, and the locos appeared to be slightly North of Greenfields, well out onto the main line.
The train was stationary for the 10 minutes or so that I saw it.
It appeared to be a PacNat train, mixed load some double stacks, some single, etc.

Any ideas why it was stationary so far out onto the main line?

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  SouthAussie94 Station Staff

I was driving along Kings Road at about 4.30 and the boom gates were down for a good five minutes before anything came through. Freight train came through, moving very slowly, took another 10 minutes or so to clear the crossing. Presumably its the same one you saw..
  Clyde_AT26HC-2M Chief Train Controller

NR119 blew its fuses on 2MP5 and was stopped for the crews to rectify the issue for a couple of hours.
  Guard Class 2 Chief Commissioner

Location: Elizabeth,South Australia
Thanks Clyde.

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