Quality of Auscision 2CM and 70T bogies?

  wagrttn Locomotive Driver


With the Auscision sale on I'm considering purchasing some 2CM and 70T bogies for various steel wagons. Some of their bogies have attracted criticism in the past and as I'm not particularly knowledgeable on such matters I'm just wondering if anyone can think of a reason why I should not purchase these but look elsewhere instead.

Thanks if you can assist


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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Depends on the wheels you are buying, the normal or finer scale ones.... I think that is the main thing re these bogies.

David Head
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Another wheel issue to check for in the 70T bogies is the wheel size. I'm not sure about the Auscision spare bogies, but the 70T type fitted to their RKWF wagon has 36" wheels. This is incorrect for that wagon. Most if not all 70T bogies in Australia have 33" wheels as per the US truck.
I believe Auscision has fitted the larger wheels to keep the bolster height and wagon height the same as the other versions of the AOOX types that have exchange bogies. This is easily fixed. I just put some old K&M (AR KITS) 33" (9.5mm) with 25mm axle wheelsets in the Auscision bogies and put a 020 thou (0.5mm) washer between the body and bogies. However there's no point in spending money on new wheels when you buy complete bogies, unless you can use the originals elsewhere.
It's only 1mm difference in wheel size, but it depends on how much you notice it!

Now, queue the wheel profile debate, I'm bailing out.Laughing
  David Peters Dr Beeching

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I always worry about what you can get actually, if they are the only ones on the market readily available then get them or else miss out. Wheels can be easily changed these days to whatever floats you boat so if you need smaller wheels or scale wheels then you can simply change them over if you want to that is. Just my take on it!
  Greensleeves Chief Commissioner

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If you're looking at some 70 ton bogies with 33" metal wheels, I got five pairs of ExactRail bogies for an RQZY I'm building for about the same price shipped to me (~$64 IIRC) as I would if I'd got them from Auscision with the wrong wheelsets...

  wagrttn Locomotive Driver

Many thanks for your replies, gentlemen. I appreciate your time and advice.

Happy New Year to you all.

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