Opinions on Scoot Airlines?

  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
I am thinking about making a booking on Scoot Airlines as they have a good deal going.

Has anyone else here flown on Scoot? And would you recommend or not recommend them?

Flight Centre said that they they are unreliable eg their booking system. Does anyone else here have any experience with them?

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  petan Chief Commissioner

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Some low cost airlines reduce expenses by not paying much commission to agents such as Flight Centre and instead these low cost airlines prefer to save costs through direct internet bookings. Not sure about Scoot's policy in that regard.
  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

Location: Lurking
Most Travel Agents don't like the Low Cost Carriers (LCC) as Commission is very low, or non-existant on Tickets that they sell.

That said, although owned by Singapore Airlines, Scoot is a LCC, so everything is Extra, seats closer together, pay for any meals, drinks, IFE (no seat-back screens), baggage, and their schedules in some cases involve arrivals/departures in Singapore at some rather inconvenient hours. Do not expect to be able to change your booking, or rock up with an extra 25Kg of baggage later without having to pay for the privilege.

Just make sure that you carefully read the conditions and understand what you are getting (or not getting) for what you pay, and enjoy your trip.
  DalyWaters Chief Commissioner

I flew from Sydney to Singapore with Scoot earlier in the year.

Everything was fine.  Seats and meals were as expected.  Arrival in Singapore was on time and baggage collection was quick, as is usual in Singapore.

Booking is very straightforward online.  I noticed there are some great bargains on if you can fly this month. I just wish they flew from Melbourne.

I have also flown with Air Asia X, Air Asia, Tiger Singapore and Jetstar Asia.  My personal order of preference, if fares were equal, would be - Air Asia X, Scoot, Air Asia, Jetstar Asia then Tiger, with a fair gap between third and fourth.
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have found Jetstar to be good domestically within Australia but I've never flown them overseas.

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