Ten Years of RP Fun

  monday Chief Commissioner

Hi All,

Today marks ten years that I joined RP and first posted!

Whilst my original post on that day 10 years ago was about a fake 9-car hitachi sighting in Melbourne (which didn't occur, and I wasn't even in Melbourne at the time) for which I just wanted to have a bit of a sh1t stir, very quickly I have come to enjoy the highs and lows of this web site and find it a useful forum and information resource (especially where I now work in the industry).  I only have ever had one RP account and continue to use the id of 'Monday', and will continue to do so.

Overall, people come and go, and competition for 'online information' comes and goes (like the six billion FB groups such as TDU and imitators), but I think this resource is pretty good and hope it continues to exist into the future.

Cheers for the last ten years and hope to mark my 20th celebration on this website on 31/12/23!

On a personal note, my favourite posting still has to be the Transit Jim introductory thread announcing a 'new operator' back in about 2005 or 2006 (whenever it was) - it still makes me laugh - over 150+ pages of diatribe and discussion, but my particular favourite comment was the discussion on his webpage pointing out the error of white writing on a white background. Hilarious.


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  Fireman Dave Chief Commissioner

Location: Shh, I'm hiding
Congrats Monday. You have indeed provided a number of amusing moments.
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Congrats Monday. You have indeed provided a number of amusing moments.
Fireman Dave

  joffie Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Poor sucker Very Happy

Ah yes, the good old times.  I certainly remember Railpage 10 years ago.  Had some interesting characters and fights.

So long for another 10 years Wink
  X'Trapolis-904M Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
i know Railpage 5 years ago in 2009 and i know it better in 2011-2013 and i joined in Jan 2013

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