Orient Express M vans

  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

Great look forward to getting some of the M vans lets hope the CS cattle wagon gets a look in aswell , i want a fair few of them

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  wat700 Junior Train Controller

Location: Richmond, NSW
Yes the M vans are a great addition for the SA modeller.

I would think that the H series of hoppers and along with the HB, HC, HS variations would be another great idea.

  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.

Sample pics at http://www.orientexpressmodels.com.au/OER/index.htm , details of models in first run at http://www.orientexpressmodels.com.au/OER/OER_M.htm
  allan Chief Commissioner

Interesting. Stated as doing three different doors, but all four door types are represented in the pack listings.

And, please, eliminate the ribs on the roof of the sample model... they were not present on the prototype.
  SAR523 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Chicago, IL
Allan - there seem to be ribs on the prototype photos http://www.orientexpressmodels.com.au/OER/OER_M.htm or are those weld lines that have just rusted excessively?
  allan Chief Commissioner

It's the overlap of the steel sheets...
  allan Chief Commissioner

Today I was allowed to handle the pre-production sample illustrated above. Fortunately, the ribs on the roof are not as bold as they appear on the photo - but they should not be there at all... Rivets have not been added to the tools, yet.

Three of the five door variants will be run. There will be one of the wooden door variants, I think the one with eight rows of louvres (but not the one with eleven rows of louvres), the steel door, as on the sample above, and the unvented wooden door introduced late in the 1970s, with the mid-height cross member (but not the early solid wooden door without the mid-height cross member).

My general impression was very positive. This wagon is destined to sell very quickly!
  SAR523 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Chicago, IL
A little bit of thread resurrection here but I've received mine and they look good!

Unfortunately they're getting packed away for an imminent move to a bigger basement but about the only thing I think I would change would be to add some model etch hoses to the end.

Anyone else have any experience or thoughts to share?
  David Peters Dr Beeching

Location: "With Hey Boy".
MG's had double floors in them from memory specially for Beer keg use and also had inside lashing rings etc to tie the kegs with as well, outside other than the G added to the code nothing actually changed from standard M van though! They could be used for other loading as well besides beer kegs and often did get used like this! One MG got roller bearing bogies in AN days for use as a breakdown van, it was at the NRM for a while before it got sent elsewhere, I think it went to Mt Gambier.

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