Bendigo Line Station Extension Works (Riddells Creek, Macedon & Kangaroo Flat)

  mickamious Junior Train Controller

I caught two express train past Riddells Creek and Macedon yesterday and noticed that
the fences, light posts and tactiles have been completed, but there are no station signs and there's a single piece of temporary fence on each platform which is too short to stop peple using the new section of platform.

I can answer that quite simply because the fence is allowed to go to the end of the platform due to the fact of the train possibly clipping it with it's mirror.. Potential OHS hazard.
I believe lighting is currently getting done on these stations?

Any photos?

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  Gauntlet Chief Commissioner

Any photos?

Here's a frame from the video I took while passing through Macedon, there's the concrete panels waiting to be installed at Gisborne, and finally this month old photo show the temporary fence at Kangaroo Flat.

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