To re-open disused rail lines

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Location: Melbourne, Australia
A PUSH to allow a private operator to reopen an abandoned country freight rail line could become a model for resurrecting other disused lines across the state.

The state government is advertising for tenders to run and maintain 200km of track from Blayney to Demondrille and Koorawatha to Greenthorpe — known collectively as the “Cowra Lines” and closed in 2007 — as part of the country regional network.
to re-open disused rail lines

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This is not a bad approach. This style of operation happens in the USA where short line operators play a vital role in feeding carloads to the larger railroads.

But could it work here?


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  QSB6.7 Chief Train Controller

Location: Going off the rails on a crazy train.
What industry is situated near those lines?
Is there an end user available or would the product need to be double handled into another form of transport?
  Trainplanner Chief Commissioner

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There is a dedicated thread on this that includes links on the study identifying freight flows etc
  freightgate Minister for Railways

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Would you please post the link?
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The previous thread on this is

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