Touring metro rail system with Myki

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I'm looking for some advice on avoiding potential issues with Myki and ticket inspectors while touring the Metro rail system.

Here's the background. . . .
I'm visiting Melbourne for the first time in 5 - 6 years in early April.
I have limited time in town, so am planning a fairly intensive bash of the Metro system to take a look at new developments since my last visit.
I'll be using a shiny new Myki card, Myki Money and spending best part of a day on the trains.
I understand how Myki works & I'm expecting to hit the Z1+2 daily cap by mid-morning.
I've also read about the somewhat "uncompromising" attitude of some Melbourne ticket inspectors.

My questions are:
What happens if I spend a long period travelling around, without leaving the system and touching off my Myki at a station exit?
For example if I touch in at Werribee, travel here, there & everywhere, and then meet an inspector at North Melbourne who interrogates my Myki 4 hours later, will s/he suspect I'm a fare evader because last touch in was so long ago?
Even if I've already reached the daily cap, will there be an issue because the time since last touch-in is so much longer than a train journey?

I did hear UK enthusiasts have occasionally got into strife while doing this type of bash around suburban London using Oyster PAYG (although Oyster has many more fare zones than Myki).
Should I be touching out and back in again every so often through the day, just to avoid risk of possible complications with an inspector?

Previously I always used Daily Metcards for this type of stuff, so no risk of any issues until now.
I assume some Melbourne locals have already had to deal with this (if it is actually an issue with Myki).


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  Camster Chief Commissioner

Location: Geelong
I usually touch on and off wherever possible just to be on the safe side.

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