VR "LADIES" carriage 52 BPL

  xke9600hp Train Controller

Just saw an interesting photo on Flikr at
showing passenger carriage 52 BPL with a "LADIES" sign painted on the outside near the "2nd" class sign.  Era looks to be 1940s/early 50s

Were there segregated compartments for men and women in these carriages?

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  ethansx49 Chief Train Controller

Location: Warrnambool
Thanks for the link an interesting find indeed does anyone know anymore info ?
  theanimal Chief Commissioner

as an old booking clerk, certainly in NSW, in all carriages with compartments, be they first or second class, there was a compartment reserved for ladies, the restriction was that it  was restricted to ladies and children.

As i recall, the long distance country trains that consisted of air-conditioned stock had a section at the rear of the carriage for "Ladies"'

When the feminist revolution started, this was lost, which was a bit of a shock, formerly the call had been to address the discrimination, funnily enough, in a time long past (the early to mid 1970's ) in Sydney, the large city stations employed a Ladies Waiting Room Attendant to do what was necessary, there was even an enameled hat badge showing "LWRA"'  part of their job was selling "Genetex"napkins for the use of the fairer sex.

On Afternoon shift they would bring their  money in and pay it into the Booking Office, remember this was at a time when there were 2c slot locks on the toilets.

Well I remember counting buckets of filthy 2c pieces and rolling them into bolts for the bank.
  outwest Junior Train Controller

I remember the old red cars had ladies and gentleman seating at either end matching the male and female toilets,
  electrax Assistant Commissioner

The RUB set cars were the last cars in NSW to have a compartment at one end of the car for specific purposes, whether it be for ladies, judges or commercial travellers - but not at the same time!

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