The Rock-Oaklands (bored creek) upgrade

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I was down there last weekend and had a look.  There are (at least) two level crossings between The Rock and the loading point just to the west and it appeared that the rail in each had not been replaced although the rail either side of each appeared to have been.

On each side of the crossing there was a rail join where there was a fishplate linking two different sizes of rail i.e. heavier either side of the crossing to what appeared to be the original light rail through the crossing.

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Its not uncommon with track upgrades to have a seperate team concentrate on upgrading level crossings as a separate piece of work using a dedicated team as the type of work method is different to upgrading "plain" track.  They tend to use a panel of track hence the jointed fishplates each side.
  freightgate Minister for Railways

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Seems this upgrade could be part of the qube plan?
  jcsaws63 Locomotive Driver

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Well it would be a good spot to build a depot(out off the Lockart branch line). Land would be cheaper than most larger towns, plenty of room to grow, the Lockhart shire would welcome a new business, not to many noise restrictions, flat site behind the Grain dump. Not far from Junee/ Harfeild.
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Just an update
The two level crossings on the branchline in the rock township are closed for 6 days, while they rerail the crossings, John holland has a ballast train and tamper out there stabled so id say it'd be all systems go this morning
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It appears that this program will stretch out along the branch as there were notices in Lockhart the other day notifying work on the Urana Road crossing in the near future.
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It appears that the line between the junction at the rock and the emerald grain dump is being upgraded to allow mainline locos to back there consist up without changing to 48s, similar to what has just happened to Henty west on the rand line, rumour is also around town that this heavy rail will be laid all the way to oaklands, with the section between boree creek and oaklands to be reopened for iminant mining operations between urana and oaklands, if this is true, rail revival in this part of the riverina could be reality

thks for your contribution. the line to the emerald grain facility makes sense. oaklands?  it would be less of a distance to upgrade oaklands to urana for traffic to melbourne ports or geelong.  the coal or bulk mining product would spend less time on rail and quicker to the port going south.  was this considered?
  jimanthony Beginner

I was the postmaster at Oaklands during the 1970s.

Regarding the coal I have the following information supplied by locals:

1. Coal was mined near to Oaklands up until the 1960s.

During one Christmas shutdown the mine flooded and it was deemed uneconomical to pump out.

I believe that this flooding had occurred several times prior.

I am not sure if it was black or brown coal being mined.

2. During the 1970s oil crisis, Mitsubishi I think it was, obtained exploration licences for 10 years with

10 year options. I have no idea of the outcome of these endeavours.

The brown coal seams under exploration stretched from Jerilderie to Mulwala on the Victorian border.

I recall that the idea was to convert this coal to fuel oil. A decrease in oil prices made this plan uneconomic.

The other problem would have been adequate water.

The town water supply between The Rock and Oaklands is drawn from the Murrumbidgee at Wagga Wagga.

I also remember seeing VGR 4 wheel trucks heading south fairly regularly and sharing a refreshing ale or 4 with

the NSWGR and VGR track mantenance crews.

The bulk of the grain was trucked to Victoria - I don't know where -.

During the 70s there was a Commonwealth storage facility (known locally as "The Area") served by both sg and bg.

It was being used to store ordnance.

There were bunkers for this purpose since from WW2.

i hope this information is of use to the followers of this thread. Minister for Railways

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