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...If they are now going public with a September opening date, my guess is it will be the start of the school holidays to get everything bedded in before being stressed by a full commuter workload.

That would be my guess too. If things are going to go wrong it is better that they do so BEFORE people need to rely on the things that have gone wrong in order to get to work/school on time

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With only months to go before the first passengers leave from the new Butler Station, the local community are being informed about safe behaviour on and around the rail network.

Railways can be a dangerous place if you don’t stick to the public areas. The silent trains travel at 130 km/h and can sneak up on you before you know it. They are powered by 25,000 volts of electricity. That’s 100 times more powerful than the electricity in your home.

Butler extension powered up! first test trains soon!
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There are some photos of the finished building on the architcts' website:


And from the advert for the tender (closing 15th July) for the design of Aubin Grove:

"PTA has recently completed Butler Station Project and will be using this as the basis for ascertaining the design specifications of Aubin Grove Station."
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Location: Perth
Oh poo. There is something wrong with the link in my last post, following it does odd things to the http part and it varies with different browsers. But you can correct it in the address bar of your browser, or do a search for the name.
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The Butler extension  has opened to driver training and familiarisation, two small drivers platforms have been installed on either side of Nowergup railcar depot so drivers can get picked up for driver training, trains should run as far as Clarkson station south cross over and run back up, have no idea with the times when they're runnning
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I presume the training period will be dictated by availability of rolling stock. Nothing starts arriving back at Nowergup from the morning peak until after 9am and will start coming out for the afternoon by 2pm. It's probably easy to roster drivers for a training period at this time too.
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Set 091 had the honours of being the first test train
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Butler station will open on 21st September. http://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/pages/StatementDetails.aspx?listName=StatementsBarnett&StatId=8552

So my prediction of an opening in the school holidays was wrong. They will have just one day of running before being exposed to normal peak period traffic levels
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New timetable published. Rather strange that an extension of journey time to the end of the line is accompanied by a reduction in C pattern trains

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As mentioned the new Joondalup line timetable has been published but we are getting two new peak period patterns
K & L

K will run all stops to Clarkson station terminating at Clarkson station

L is the same as the current C pattern but will terminate at Clarkson Station

Services will run every 10 minutes to Butler station during certain peak times and every 5 minutes to other stations

The first service will depart Butler station at 11:51AM on Sunday September 21st

The PTA has arranged for a number of community focused events for local residents starting from 11AM

  Northmetro Junior Train Controller

It appears that service trains are now running empty between Clarkson and Butler. There is usually what I assume to be a trainer accompanying most trains over the new section.

Good idea - should get all the bugs out of the track, signalling and power supply before carrying passengers.

The only negative is having to wait for departure on the platform rather than in the train!

also noted yesterday that the new stopping pattern codes were already being used
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Appropriately, it appears B Series set 100 was on the first train.

Since the opening, A Series sets have also run occasional trips to Butler (though with the B set deliveries, how long will this last?)

I notice there was a speed restriction into Butler starting all the way back from the Benenden Avenue bridge, though the southbound track seemed unaffected. Why would this be? (Signal sighting?)
  thewaratahtrain Chief Train Controller

B sets 099 & 100 were on the inauguration train "the 11:51", there's I think at least 3 4car A sets left on the north south lines, I rode in an A set to Butler they handle the extension extremely well

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