Caroline Springs station will overcrowd trains: Greens

  dean65 Locomotive Driver

Location: Ballarat
May 4, 2014, 11:20 p.m.
THE addition of the new Caroline Springs train station to the Ballarat line will overcrowd carriages and lengthen journey times for commuters, according to Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber.

The claim comes days after Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder made the $32-million announcement that would see more than 1500 commuters per day use Caroline Springs train station.
Mr Barber said patronage would grow on the Ballarat line in the coming years.
“You have a growing patronage on the line,” Mr Barber said.
“Melton is a boom suburb, Bacchus Marsh only has one platform.”
Mr Barber said the predicted patronage growth was based on a V/Line Initial Strategic Operations Plan from November 10, 2011, which was obtained by the Greens under Freedom of Information.
He said the state government had not funded most of the required infrastructure projects listed in the strategic plan.
Mr Barber said a duplication of railway was needed between Melton and the city before works on electrification of parts of the Ballarat line could begin.
“If you want to run a lot of trains in the morning and cut overcrowding, trains need to come out before they come in,” Mr Barber said.
“A single track makes it difficult to add more morning trains. This is a short-term priority.”
Mr Mulder said the state government was heavily investing in rail along the Ballarat line.
“More residents of Melbourne’s west will be able to work or study in Ballarat and enjoy V/Line’s good value fares and comfortable trains,” Mr Mulder said.
“The V/Line-only extra tracks from Sunshine to Southern Cross will provide the capacity for extra weekday peak period Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong line trains.”
City of Ballarat Mayor Joshua Morris said council supported any government investment on the Ballarat train line.
“We as a council understand how critically important rail infrastructure and linkages are. We would certainly encourage any additional investment into rail infrastructure that is going to improve the quality of service,” Cr Morris said.

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  kuldalai Chief Commissioner

Yes the new station at  Caroline Springs will only exacerbate existing overcrowd situations on peak hour trains if additional capacity in the form of extra carriages on existing trains, or additional peak hour trains are not provided .

The same situation applies with the new stations at Tarneit ,Wyndamvale and Grovedale putting additional passengers onto already overcrowded Geelong Peak hour services.

With  the RRL  opening going to be way earlier than expected (based on current construction progress), and additional V/Locity cars  (43 on order) there  will only be a handful like 6 or 9 delivered by RRL opening ; then Government and poor old VLP are in for a hiding .

The current Government blames the last Government for  not ordering additional trains or globes for the signals, or fences for the stations etc  !!!    But the current Government then sat on its hands for 12 months and delayed ordering extra cars till late 2011 (a full year after it came to office).  40 cars were initially ordered , subsequently increased to 43; when the grapevine at the time said VLP thought something more like 60 would be needed. As a result of the current Governments inaction till late 2011, Adelaide got ahead of us in the queue at Bombardier with their order for Adelaide EMU's .

There is the capacity on the double tracked Geelong Line with RRL to schedule extra peak hour trains.  On the single track Bacchus Marsh line it will be much harder to schedule extra trains.  At the very least whilst RRL was under construction the line between Deer Park West and Melton should have been duplicated to allow the reliable operation of additional peak trips .

At RRL opening  only  20  -  25 % of the additional V/Locity cars will have been delivered .  However re timetabling the Push/Pull H sets to run more Melton return trips in peak hours might squeeze in an extra return trip in each peak even on the existing single track . With Geelong and three extra stations only 6 - 9 extra cars will be available so potentially one extra peak trip, perhaps two if you terminated short at Lara .

That insufficient rollingstock has been ordered to meet the short term peak passenger task was fully avoidable.
That the current Government failed to order extra rollingstock early in 2011 was fully avoidable.
That  RRL is going to be finished much earlier than planned was unforseen but welcome .
It will be a real challenge for both  Government and VLP to see how they handle the situation at RRL opening both operationally in squeezing out every extra seat, and also PR  wise . ( Expect the  PR  "spin"  to go into orbit  ! )
  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
It will be a real challenge for both Government and VLP to see how they handle the situation at RRL opening both operationally in squeezing out every extra seat, and also PR wise . ( Expect the PR "spin" to go into orbit ! )

I guess RRL Is likely to be underused until 2016, some of their spin still states an 2016 opening, though there will no doubt be plenty of spin about an early opening, but plenty of excuses about why there Is not enough trains to run the services the traveling public requires.
  Bogong Chief Commissioner

Location: Essendon Aerodrome circa 1980
*sighs* There is already an active Caroline Springs Station discussion thread. How many threads do we need to cover just one future railway station?
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
*sighs* There is already an active Caroline Springs Station discussion thread. How many threads do we need to cover just one future railway station?

Thread Now locked!

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