Pakenham/Cranbourne line to shut down for five weeks

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MELBOURNE’S busiest train line will be shut down for up to five weeks while a problem level crossing is removed.

Majority of passengers on the Pakenham/Cranbourne line may also be forced to stand when new high capacity trains are introduced as part of the $2.5 billion update to the Dandenong rail corridor.

Leaked cabinet documents obtained by Channel 9 reportedly revealed that the new trains, set to cost almost $5 million, would contain seats for just 40 per cent of the planned passenger load.

Spokeswoman for Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder, Larissa Garvin, told the Herald Sun the trains would “be bigger, longer and have wider doors to help people get in and out quicker”.

She would not comment on the reduced number of seats.
"Pakenham/Cranbourne line to shut down for five weeks"

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  B 67 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland
I hadn't realised I'd started two threads here. I was only reading the article.

Oh well, from the full article...

She said the crossing was one of the state’s “most dangerous” and the shut down would be “incredibly worth it”.

[cynicism] I wonder if she knows what "incredible" means? It doesn't seem all that credible to me either.Wink

“The Coalition Government is planning to remove more than 40 level crossings across the state,” Ms Garvin said.

“This is unprecedented spending on Victoria’s rail network.”

[further cynicism] I'd call this spending on Melbourne's road network. By sinking the railway below the road, the government can claim to be spending on rail rather than road, even though road users benefit from the result more than rail users do. Putting the road under or over the railway makes it a road-funding project. [/further cynicism] Smile

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