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Vollmer, manufacturer of European-themed building and structure kits in all the common scales along with people and animals, has announced they are to close the business with effect of the end of June 2014.

An initial announcement was made early this year at which time they had anticipated production continuing until now and orders being fulfilled until the end of the year or run-out which ever occurred first.

That is not now the case and retailers are advising that no new stock can be sourced.

Vollmer also produced a range of embossed card panels ("wall plates" in their catalogue) some of which I have used to create stone walls and other structures around my own layout. They also had road surfaces, lighting and smoke generators in their range.

Accordingly anyone who may wish to stock up on their items or to get them while they can is urged to buy now.


Dear valued customers and friends,

After careful considerations we have decided to stop the production and to give up the plant of Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen by mid-year 2014.

We shall attend the International Toy Fair end of January 2014 in Nuremberg for a last time and will present our novelties which will arrive at outlets during the first half of 2014.

We'd like to thank all of you for your truly valued support and solidarity over the past decades.

Sincerely yours,
Susanne Vollmer
Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG

and also

Last chance for Vollmer kits and accessories!
Vollmer has informed us that they will be shutting down slightly sooner than expected and will likely be closed by mid-June. We may still be able to obtain some currently out-of-stock items so please place your order now if there is something you are interested in.
We do have a large selection of Vollmer in stock but are down to single quantities of many items and of course we will not be able to re-stock Vollmer products. Once we have confirmed what is and what is not available from the factory and other sources we will do our best to remove unavailable products from our Vollmer catalog.

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  dthead Site Admin

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Didn't Volmer do some of the Walthers  structure range ?

David Head
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I'm sure you are correct.  Euro isn't my thing at all; I have only used Vollmer for their scenic items.
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Viessmann have acquired rights to all the Vollmer goodies.

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