Ozrail models releases CS cattle wagon

  SAR_enthusiast Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
A surprise model release from Ozrail model trains has been made public in the august issue of AMRM.

As stated in the AMRM magazine Ozrail has released a RTR South Australian Railways CS bogie cattle wagon. It is said to be injection moulded, with underfloor detail, brass steps, handrails and genuine couplers.

No further information is currently available from their website but a full page advertisement in the back of the magazine shows an photo example of the model.

Available now
$130 per pack of 2 x wagons
5 packs available with different numbers

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  wat700 Junior Train Controller

Location: Richmond, NSW
Any details on what the 5 different packs are - livery variations etc?
  BIG-BEAR Chief Train Controller

Today I went for the drive to the Oz rail shop .

Some Answers for the SAR fan .

The wagons are not in stock at the moment but they are about 7 to 14 days away I was told . To put a add in the AMRM mag needs to be done 4 to 6 weeks in advance .there is Delivery delays .

All versions of the 500 packs are SAR . If they sell well the owner is thinking of doing other colours / versions .

There was a model on show .

I will point out that I am no expert on the finer details of models to the real thing .

The plus side of looking at the model .

The side and ends and roof of the model seem to look the part .

The down side

The under side detail of the model is moulded to the frame which is not like Orient express reproduction's ( eg M vans ) which has finer detail on the under side . And the wheels seem to be on the small side but that could be just me ? But yet again who see's the underside of a model going around on a layout .

I did ring Orient express and ask them is this your next project and was told No .

So the Question is for the SAR fan ?

Do you buy now or hope that someone does a RTR cattle van years into the future ?

I hope my info helps the SAR fan .
  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
I won't be waiting, well not for the 'big' Australian companies anyway....
I don't really see the benefit of super detailed undersides, especially on freight wagons, so not a deal breaker either.

Good work Ozrail!
  LaidlayM Chief Commissioner

Location: Research
Today I went for the drive to the Oz rail shop .

There was a prototype on show .


It must be a big shop!
  BIG-BEAR Chief Train Controller

It must be a big shop!

Your input means so much on this topic .
  hosk1956 Deputy Commissioner

Location: no where near gunzels
Any details on what the 5 different packs are - livery variations etc?

I may stand corrected but the only livery applied to the CS class was the light grey.
The CS were converted from the C class cattle wagon, the major difference is the high speed bogies fitted rather than the arch-bars of 1929, hence the CS classification, conversion dates and numbers can be found here - http://www.comrails.com/freight/rs_zsar_bg_c.html#c6180

I initially questioned why the CS, with further research it isn't a bad choice, that version covers the time frame from 1965 thru to the early 80's and maybe beyond, fortunately pack 'A' will cover my time period, might have to do some pack swapping with others to get numbers 7,10 & 14.

It is interesting to note that this is another SAR entrepreneur who has released a model onto the market with little fan fare and warning (in this case none) and hasn't asked for money up front, and from talking to the man, the time frame from go to delivery was quite small, perhaps some interstate entrepreneurs need to take note.  Smile

  BIG-BEAR Chief Train Controller

The cattle wagons have arrived .

Got a few packs today .

The wagons are a bit darker light grey than the orient express reproductions light grey .

A few of the bogies where done up to tight which was the same problem as some SDS model FQX flat cars I got a month ago .

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