New 'slowed' V/Line timetable on RRL

  dean65 Locomotive Driver

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On a number of my trips we have crawled from Footscray to SC. Hope things improve otherwise many people are not going to be very happy.

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  kuldalai Chief Commissioner

As posted previously RRL is operating on settling in speeds till tens of thousands tonnes VLP traffic has passed over it.

It is basically not a new timetable for VLP from 27/07 rather the existing timetable fiddled as a compromise using the new RRL within the Metro area .

The real running time when design line speeds apply will be something like 9 minutes to Footscray from 1 - 8, and 8 minutes from 15/16 .  On the Up 3 minutes will be added as margin into Southern Cross.

The current 17 - 18 minute times into Sthn Cross reflect old timetable as not retimetabled till higher line speeds apply .

Access to platform 8 requires interface with Metro Train Control so that can account for delay, as Metro not really interested in VLP.

When Geelong RRL leg opens in 2015 then the REAL new RRL timetable will apply.

Hopefully the moves in and out of Southern Cross will then be full timetabled (MT cars and light locos moves not scheduled currently).

The final RRL tt in 2015 also offers the opportunity for VLP to have dedicated platforms of departure for the various Line Groups to further minimize conflicting train movements .

From early 2015 VLP pax will no longer stand for  long delays at  Franklin St and waiting under the Latrobe St bridge, and there will be no excuse for such delays other than poor operational management by VLP .

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