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  justapassenger Minister for Railways

With 8 3 car electric trains in service every 15 minutes conceivably a specific shuttle may not be warranted.  There may be sufficient rollingstock to absorb it in the Seaford Timetable.
There's also the option of strengthening Belair and Tonsley services to three cars each instead of providing a shuttle, now that there is spare DEMU capacity freed up by the bringing into service of an additional five EMUs since the Seaford service started with just three units available in February.

Belair trains are traditionally quite full during the Royal Show anyway and could do with extension to three cars throughout the day and a half-hourly frequency to provide a real service during the evening.

The one Seaford train per hour in each direction that skips the showgrounds (because it connects with a Tonsley train in the same direction at Woodlands Park) could be downgraded to a two car DEMU, or it could have a stop at the showgrounds added to the schedule to improve the options on offer for people coming from the south or from the city.

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  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

Location: On the Down Fast
With 8 3 car electric trains in service every 15 minutes conceivably a specific shuttle may not be warranted. There may be sufficient rollingstock to absorb it in the Seaford Timetable.

The other thought is that 2 3 car electrics can shuttle amongst the services. Give the chance for some northern/ars drivers to operate the electrics on short runs. Logically, there are more trained drivers now.

Is the Belair Main between Showgrounds and ARS commissioned for electric use yet?

The 2000 class for obvious reasons now can't run shuttles.

In the Mon-Fri midday period, there are 6 trains an hour stopping at Showgrounds in either direction.

This could be increased to 7 per hr if the hourly "Woodlands Pk express" trains made a special stop at Showgrounds for the duration (so users who are unfamiliar with trains, parents harassed with children or teenagers engrossed in smartphones don't miss their stop).

Given that over half the trains on the Seaford line (off-peak) are now 3-car EMUs, and the peak flows to/from the Show are opposite to City commuters, there should be adequate capacity without needing a dedicated Show Shuttle train on weekdays.

What is a concern is train frequency at weekends (3 per hour) and at night (2 per hour).

Imagine just after 9pm, when the fireworks finish and the Show closes, all the tired / drunk punters march down to Showgrounds Station and a 1-car Belair DMU turns up.  Not to worry if you can't get on, there'll be another one along in an hour!

Nights and weekends are the time I'd imagine Adelaide Metro should be running some kind of extra services for the Show - either dedicated shuttle trains (using the Belair lines and reversing in Showground Platform 3), or preferably more frequent services on full length of the Seaford & Belair lines.

Weekends are the busiest times for the Show, but I guess it's a question of who's paying.  At least there's the precedent that Show Shuttles have been provided for a good few years now and there's no-longer the expense of erecting & dismantling that temporary platform.
  62430 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Metro Adelaide
There is now information about Show services on AdMet website. Normal timetables will be maintained to Showground Station. In addition shuttle, hourly 9-3 weekdays, half-hourly weekday evenings and weekends, will run from ARS (shuttle timetable).  The daytime shuttle involves a 38 minute turnround at Wayville, so it will be interesting to see where it is stabled (Millswood loop?).

Alex C
  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

Location: On the Down Fast
Good to see the extra services, especially at night & weekends.   But Adelaide Metro don't do themselves any favours with the clarity of their Show Shuttle info.

If I were a punter who doesn't use trains (or just does a regular commute to & from work) and was looking to get the train to the Show, and saw this special timetable, I'd likely assume there is only one train per hour to the Show.  Not a very attractive proposition, and would probably have me going by car or catching a bus.

With the regular Seaford, Tonsley & Belair trains, there are 7 trains per hour Mon-Fri and 5 per hour at weekends, which is a lot more palatable.

Interesting to see the 38 minute turn-round time for the special Show Shuttles.  That's enough time for the train to run to Tonsley and back.  Maybe they should run a temporary half-hourly Tonsley service during the Show (at minimal extra cost).
  steam4ian Chief Commissioner

The show would be a good excuse to have better than 60 minute intervals in the evenings as well.

My pet beef about the train service is the lack of it after hours.
  Tonsley213 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Everywhere except South Kensington
1S47 that almost seems too planed to be coincidence. I bet they will be running the showgrounds trains through to the Tonsley branch to turn around. It seems 38 minutes is far too long to have a railcar sit idling on the mainline. Why they don't actually turn them in to Tonsley services we will never know.
  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

Location: On the Down Fast
Here's a wild prediction.....

The hourly daytime Show Shuttle specials will be worked by an EMU.
This will run in passenger service between Adelaide and the Showgrounds.
South of the Showgrounds, the train will continue out-of-service as a driver training run for operation of EMUs on the Tonsley branch.
Two birds with one stone!

On reflection, it'll be some considerable time before there are enough 4000-class in use to convert Tonsley to electrics, so probably pointless doing any driver familiarisation this far ahead.
  62430 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Metro Adelaide
Work has been going on on the cycle underpass from Showground Stn to West Parklands.  Photos 1-3 from today.  Photo 4 taken on 22 Feb 2013.

Alex C

1. Looking N from Showground Stn to Keswick Bridge

2. Looking S from Keswick Bridge

3. Looking N from Keswick Bridge.  The path has been excavated to pass under the gas main and a vertical retaining wall has replaced the stone faced slope.

4. View of old retaining wall at Keswick Stn (22 Feb 2013)
  62430 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Metro Adelaide
A few weeks on, the cycle underpass has now been completed as the final phase of the Showground station project.  Photos taken on 13th December 2014.

Alex C

1. Cycle track descends from Showground Station towards Keswick Bridge

2. Looking south from Keswick Bridge towards Showground Station

3. Low clearance under gas main which crosses on old Keswick Stn footbridge

4. View north looking down from Keswick Bridge
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

The eventual completion of the Marino Rocks Greenway underpass has been very much welcomed by the cycling community as filling in a critical missing link that will allow more people to make a safe and economical commute without putting their lives in the hands of Adelaide drivers. Importantly, it has been done well at the northern end with a comfortable turn of about 110° instead of the awkward 180° switchback that was originally proposed.

There is a bit of concern about the uncomfortably low clearance to the gas main, the first couple of times I rode through I did duck instinctively despite intellectually knowing it was fine.  I do understand that this component of the station project was reluctantly completed on a shoestring budget (this state government thinks cycling is only a sport, they allocated $0 for cycling infrastructure in the last budget despite conservative estimates of cycling infrastructure having a BCR greater than 5:1) so there probably wasn't the money to replace the short section of gas pipe needed to get it passing over the retaining wall instead of through it.

I may have an onboard video clip of a ride through the underpass, I'll look on my computer when I'm at home tomorrow.
  SAR526 Chief Train Controller

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.
When are the on train announcements about the interchange between Seaford and Belair line trains going to be changed? Goodwood is inconvenient for all passengers who have to negotiate the subway or get off and walk alongside while driving electric scooters up the narrow and very steep ramps at Goodwood. In contrast the cross platform transfer from Up Seaford and Down Belair trains is very easy, and the reverse is by a short lift and ramp walk or ride.

The new mixed use subway under Anzac Highway also allows easy access to the city bound bus stop for all pedestrian traffic to the southern quarters of the city, making for a much shorter and quicker journey than staying on the train to the Adelaide Station.
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

When are the on train announcements about the interchange between Seaford and Belair line trains going to be changed? …

Who knows? Probably not until Goodwood gets closed or they get taken to court over the non-compliance of access to the Goodwood platforms. There is a real problem at DPTI currently where their offices on North Terrace are too insulated and disconnected from the real world consequences of the decisions made in the comfort of their air conditioned conference room.

Those ramps from the subway are also hell for a person trying to walk a laden bicycle, as I found out a couple of times in the past when I foolishly tried to use Goodwood to get my bike onto the train to the hills after shopping in the city instead of Adelaide. With the new underpass built for the Marino Rocks Greenway, it's now just as quick to get to Adelaide (Showground) by bike from the Central Market precinct than it is to get to Adelaide (North Terrace).

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