Midday rail traffic through Goulburn & Yass

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I'm hoping to get advice from local NSW guys about the level of rail traffic through Goulburn or Yass in the middle of a weekday.

The story is......  next week I've been persuaded to drive my wife and her sisters to Canberra for a few days for Floriade.

Not being inclined to wander around all day with the ladies looking at flowers, I was thinking to drop them off in the morning, then drive up to Goulburn or Yass with my camera and spend a few hours trainspotting.

Question is, is there likely to be much rail traffic to be seen from mid-morning to mid-afternoon on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?
I know interstate trains are highly unpredictable, but is there likely to be:
(a) hardly anything,
(b) two or three trains possible,
(c) plenty of traffic

Is either Yass or Goulburn preferable for having good (legal) access for photos, scenic viewpoints etc?

Thanks for any advice.

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  Westby3026 Locomotive Driver

This may be of some help to you. Happy trainspotting
This doesnt take into account special trains ie. Grain trains. http://www.artc.com.au/library/MTP_2014-06-22_NSWVIC%20400.pdf
  Fireman Dave Chief Commissioner

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There's not much in the middle of the day.
  M636C Minister for Railways

Wednesday might be the best.

Extrapolating from Saturday, when 4PS6 and 3PW4 run....

1PS6 and 2XW4 would run through Goulburn Northbound late in the morning and early in the afternoon.

If you got to Goulburn in time for the southbound Melbourne XPT (10:12), you should see 1PS6 and 2XW4 Northbound followed by the Northbound Canberra Explorer at 1318 or so.

If you were to drive to Gunning (direct from Canberra via Gundaroo) and were willing to follow the trains northbound on the old Hume highway, you could expect to get three shots (Gunning (road bridge), Lower Bridge and Top Bridge on Cullerin bank) of each of the PN trains with enough time to get back for the second one. You could follow 2XW4 to Goulburn for one more shot (from one of the road bridges in town(?)).

PS6 usually has two to four NR class, XW4 might have two to three NRs or 93s.

With luck you could get shots of the XPT and Explorer (at Goulburn) as well and be back in Canberra before 1500.

  1S47 Assistant Commissioner

Location: On the Down Fast
So I did the trip today, Wednesday 17th.  
Drove to Gunning to see the morning XPT (a no-show, running 3 hrs late, per a separate thread) but got XW4 right on schedule, which I followed to Cullerin & Breadalbane and on to Goulburn.

The sun was particularly uncooperative for good photos, but I very much enjoyed the vibe chasing the Steelie through rolling green countryside.  And the old-school railway station, with coal fires (gas powered) burning in the waiting room at Goulburn,

Then back in Canberra by 3pm.   Thanks for the info & good suggestions.
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

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Why do the operators like running freight at night?
  MD Chief Commissioner

Location: Canbera
They dont.
The customers of the freight want it at their destinations next day, which means it leaves late in the afternoons and arrives early the next morning.
Also avoids the pesky passenger trains that get in the way.


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