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Evening all,

I was reading recently an article regarding a guard who got on the foul side of some "Transport Officers", and on some further reading I was surprised to see that the transit officers as they were as I remember them (Grey shirt Sturmtruppen) are no longer.

Have these "transport officers" basically become a re badged revision of the transits or has the system entirely changed. Does the Government just use the police for fining fare evaders now?


EDIT: I used to know a few transits who would see the joke in the reference above. Apologies to others who may take offence in advance,

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  Aurora8 Assistant Commissioner

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The Transit Officers were disbanded. Their functions have effectively been taken over by the Police Transport Command, who come under NSW Police.

Transport Officers are an additional force. Their focus is on fare evasion and customer service across trains, buses and ferries.
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Retrenched, too stinjy, the future is CCTV.
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No more Sturmtruppen. Only Ordnungspolizei and a bunch of baseball-cap wearing Transport Officers with no real power to do much of anything.

I too know of a guard who's had a run in with them.

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